Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Keeping a Positive Outlook in the Face of Poverty.

I have always been one who believed that the world is a wonderful place. I survived a few rough years early on, but I still see the best in people. I choose to think that the people I run into daily as other artists, as gallery owners and retail store managers, and even the street people in my neighborhood, are basically good people who want the same things I do in life. Love, understanding, to share ideas, dreams, hopes, and to have some sense of security. These are the things I believe every human being wants and strives to obtain on some level.
When you are working hard at producing the thing you love most in the world - in my case my paintings - sometimes it is easy to see only the poverty, the rejection, need for supplies, the lack. But if I can let myself look past competing with the Jones of the world, I realize that I have an incredible gift in living simply. I go to bed early and I wake early. I teach, I paint, I market, I sell my work, I cry, I love, I live my life. Every day that I do ALL these things I am one step closer to living the life I dream.
I believe I have a "voice" that needs to be heard... Whether it is in my art work, my singing, my teaching, or the integrity with which I try to live my life day to day, as long as I am true to that, as long as I focus on the gratitude I have for the here and now, and keep my mind and my heart focused on the images of truth and prosperity I visualize, then I believe the Universe in all its generosity will meet my desire, meet my need, and give to me a thousand fold what I work for with my heart, and soul.
This is "The Secret" known by men since the time of the Babylonians and before. The Law of Attraction that rules all things in creativity... "thoughts become things". What ever we focus on will become ours. If we focus on debt then we are in debt. If we focus on bad service or the rude neighbors, that is what we attract. If we fear "painter's block" then the blank canvas is frightening! But if we focus on prosperity and wealth, unlimited creativity, and the generosity of the world around us - THAT is what is the universe provides us.
For that reason I still see everyone I come into contact with as loving, generous and kind. And always people from whom I can learn more about live, love, art, and security.
until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love