Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five things I do for success every day

Dr Joe Vitale wrote to share his blogg,
Here are the top 5 things I do every day for success ( And peace of mind) 1.) Get up early and go for a long walk every day to get my mind and my body awake and clear my artist mind. I am a painter Being in nature first thing every day inspires me to focus on the beauty and abundance of the world around me. 2.) Review my list and make sure I am clear on the things I need the universe to do for me and the things I need to do for myself. 3.) I paint every day about 5 am til 10 am. I paint very prolifically - but it is like any business... you can't rest on yesterday's laurels. 4.) I write. I clear emails, press releases, journal, my current novel, and my new e-book (which I started yesterday thanks to your book "The 7day e-book") I'll keep you posted! I also do what I call "Minding my own Business." That includes phone calls, marketing, gallery contacts, smoozing, online exhibits, framing, all that goes into a successs ful art business. 5.) I make sure I eat regular healthy meals. And I plan time daily for meditation and for dreaming. I have found that setting aside specific time for me to "day dream" and plan for my future feeds the pond of creativity for me. Thanks for all the inspiration and for the love you share so abundantly, Joe.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Death in the Family

I have to start todays update on a very sad note. I hope all of you will take just a moment to meditate and say a prayer for a dear artist friend of mine who is in a hospice in her final hours. Ann Aves Martin was one of the strongest influences in my life. She and her husband took me in off the streets when I was a lost teen. They made me a part of their family and introduced me to the world of theatre, literature, music and art. Ann's painting style of color and landscapes has been a huge influence in my own art. Ann gave me the first unconditional love I ever experienced, and without even knowing it at the time I learned most of my color theory and composition rules from sharing her studio and sharing her life. Life for Ann has been a struggle because of physical complications from diabetes for the last few years, including being completely bed-ridden the last year. Ann is moving on to another level. I will miss her love, her strength and her passion for making the world a more beautiful place. In my own work, I am moving into a phase off more abstracted landscapes, and an off shoot of images that Ann influenced. My original approach to art was often influenced by Rothko, by Wolf Kahn, and by Ann Martin who studied briefly with Mr. Kahn. I am once again exploring simple form and landscapes of color against color. The other line I am developing is directly influenced by Ann Martin. Though neither of us were ever really figurative painters, being by nature loners who preferred the solitude of nature, years ago we played with a series of full figured femme fatales that we playfully dubbed the "Goddess series." These abstracted full-figured earth mother types were affirmations to us both (being full-figured women and not the typical thin model types) that we were still beautiful and desirable. In homage to Ann and with her blessings I am making these images available and continuing to build on the series. Currently I have exhibits hanging in several locations in the Metro DC area open to the public: At City Hall in Old Town Alexandria (301 King Street 2ND Floor, Alexandria, VA) I continue to show my solo exhibit of Oil and Oil pastels "The Virginia Landscape. This show is in celebration of "Women in History Month" and "Women in the Arts." And is sponsored by the Alexandria Commission for the Arts , and The Mayor's Office. The exhibit will run til the end of April, and the works are on view during regular City Hall hours of weekdays 8 am til 5 pm." April 5th I opened in a Group Exhibit sponsored by Results the Gym (315 G Street SE, Washington DC) Curated by Gary fisher of Gary Fisher Gallery. I have 17 pieces of work in this show and I must say, the entire exhibit is a beautiful show to view in a wonderful and unusual location and facility. This Exhibit will run until May 13, 2007. I am also been selected to hang a solo exhibit at the Office of Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor in Fairfax, at the Mason district Governmental Center ( 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale , VA) Ms. Gross has been instrumental in locating and developing funding for the arts in Fairfax, and is a strong patron of the arts. I am honored that my work (14 paintings) was selected to hang in her office and showplace April through September of 2007. All works are available for purchase and can be seen by calling Lorrie Herman to arrange an office tour. 703.256.7717 Spring is here! (In spite of the recent snow we had Easter Weekend!) And you can find me now every Sunday at the Eastern Market in Washington DC (7th Street between North Carolina and Independence Ave.) with a selection of my new art work, hand made cards, new prints and signed originals for sale. If you haven't been to Eastern Market lately you should make a day of it. You'll fine a fun crowd and a great variety of fine art, furniture, jewelry and good food! Well that is it for now. Until next time, Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn