Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Five things I do for success every day

Dr Joe Vitale wrote to share his blogg,
Here are the top 5 things I do every day for success ( And peace of mind) 1.) Get up early and go for a long walk every day to get my mind and my body awake and clear my artist mind. I am a painter Being in nature first thing every day inspires me to focus on the beauty and abundance of the world around me. 2.) Review my list and make sure I am clear on the things I need the universe to do for me and the things I need to do for myself. 3.) I paint every day about 5 am til 10 am. I paint very prolifically - but it is like any business... you can't rest on yesterday's laurels. 4.) I write. I clear emails, press releases, journal, my current novel, and my new e-book (which I started yesterday thanks to your book "The 7day e-book") I'll keep you posted! I also do what I call "Minding my own Business." That includes phone calls, marketing, gallery contacts, smoozing, online exhibits, framing, all that goes into a successs ful art business. 5.) I make sure I eat regular healthy meals. And I plan time daily for meditation and for dreaming. I have found that setting aside specific time for me to "day dream" and plan for my future feeds the pond of creativity for me. Thanks for all the inspiration and for the love you share so abundantly, Joe.