Thursday, June 14, 2007

What makes me an artist?

Is an Artist defined by great vision, or by great skill at the craft? I know artists who spend years staring at the canvas waiting to produce that great masterpiece. I know artists who have an idea of the image they want to produce to express themselves, but no technique to make it so. And I know people who are called "crafts" people because they produce their art every single day and grow in their ability to express themselves. I have spent the lasts few years studying a number of professional artist. What I have discovered is that we all have our tricks. We find the style and the images that work for each of us and we reproduce it it various forms. We use predictable color choices for our personal palette. We develop our vocabulary of gimmicks: shadowing, form, etc to produce our art.
Personally I'd prefer to be known as a good crafts person and a talented painter than a great visionary. I have no desire to shock the world , or to create "in your face" challenging works. I want to express my passion and my respect for nature. I want to create images that speak to the heart. My Landscapes are simple, peaceful even at times predictable. But they make people smile. They take people away from their everyday lives for a bit. That is enough for this artist.
Until next time,
Creat Beauty and fill the world with Love