Monday, August 13, 2007

Painting a Day - Shadow and Light

Painting a day - "Shadowland" 11x14" Oil Pastel on Paper $325.00 Painting every day is a balm to my soul. And yes, some people really do still talk that way! I paint because I can't NOT. I am always learning by observing the world around me. One of the great joys of surrounding oneself with creative people is that I realize that no two of us see the world the same way. Each of us observe colors differently. Each of us hears sound differently. Each of us brings to every act and thought we have our own unique personality, flaws, strengths, fears. I used to feel inadequate attempting to be a professional artist because I don't have any formal training in the art world. But then neither did Grandma Moses. And numerous artists I admire from the impressionists through Wolf Kahn and beyond gained their knowledge, honed their crafts, by observing and painting both with others and alone. We can learn technique from professors and working artists, but to develop our style and our unique signature is a process of NOT copying others, but allowing our self to be brave enough to create our own way. I know now my work is not really about the landscapes I see in my mind and try to capture and re-create on paper. My painting is really about searching though my own psyche. When I capture the play of light and shadows on trees (as in the painting above) I am as much exploring the darkness, and the fears, and the light, and the shadow I feel in my mind about myself, as I am putting a real place on paper. I am a colorist. I wear that title comfortably. Some people are content with the abstract exploration of color. I suppose because I grew up in a very structured creative environment (I started life as a musician and a dancer with the strict regimens of those two creative disciplines, then moved into life as a working actor before beginning my career as a professional landscape artist.) I have always known that structured form and function leads to greater creativity for me. I choose to work in landscape because they represent the current state of my soul at any given moment. Whether I am enjoying the brilliant openness of a sunlit field, the perilousness of a darkened wood, the path untrod, or the gathering storm clouds, My landscapes are a map of my life and my journey. There will always be those who enjoy them because the art is beautiful. And occasionally there will be some who enjoy the art because it allows them, like me, to take a moment away and look inside at their own hills, valleys, rivers, storm clouds and sun. Until Next time Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn