Friday, August 24, 2007

The round about world of an artist.

Painting a day Autumn Orchard 5x7" acrylic on Masonite
To those loyal readers, sorry I missed an entry yesterday. I had a migraine that kept me in the bed all day and I couldn't think of looking at a screen or bear the clicking of the keyboard. Back to semi-normal today and hitting the ground running a usual. I have one week before September, (where did the summer go?) and 3 solo shows and numerous weekend art shows and fairs to prepare for. While I have been working like a fiend all summer, there never seems to be enough hours or enough income to get everything where I want it and framed and matted and presented as professionally as I require. I still have post-cards to create, new brochures and catalogues to get ready along with price lists, arrange shipping and insurance, schedule pick-ups and hire a hanging crew.
Oh and I am developing two new product lines for wholesale at the same time. What am I crazy!
Anyway I just wanted to share a quick story about the way of the world. I was recently talking to a good friend who shares my ups and downs with me and occasionally gives me a wonderful insight into my craziness. As a friendly observer she mentioned that every time I seem to be on the brink of some type of success, a really great financial period from my art and my teaching, I seem to have a knack for sabotaging it by a sudden health issue, an accident that requires cash, or a huge bill I "forgot " until it causes a disruption in my life - utilities, cable, art suppliers, etc. She challenged me to look at my core belief that was keeping me from the success that I so richly deserve as an artist and a human.
While that was not a conversation I relished having at the time I realized that she was right. I often buy into our American societies idea that being an artist is not a full time job. That I should feel guilty for not having a "real" job I hate. That I should be the starving artist who creates great works of beauty, but lives on bread crusts to be legit.
I release that now. I work very hard at my art. I put in many more hours than most office types do and I never have a real day off. Ive never had a vacation of any kind. While I chose to live simply and to be frugal I am NOT a starving artist. I can pay my bills on-time most of the time. I even have a little in savings. I sell my art at a fair market value for the time I invest, my expertise and my skill, as well as compared to other artists within my experience and genre.
Thanks to my very dear friend, starting right now I am accepting the accolades and the wealth that I deserve as an artist. I share my wealth with those around me. I learn from and share my gifts with any who chose share my vision, my life and my wealth.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love.