Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Simplify... Simplify... Simplify - The Landscapes of my Heart

Painting a day - "Country Road" 9 x 12" Oil on Paper $325.00 www.wynncreasyfineart.com This painting again taught me how easy it is for me to complicate my life and my painting. It started out a simple scene of morning sunlight coming from behind a curve in the road. I was happy with the hazy simple sky that fell into place easily. I was content with the distant misty trees and the tree line as I progressed forward into the painting. But then suddenly my intellect took over, and I was obsessed with the need to add more and more realistic detail. Before long this small painting was too complex. It has lost the joie de vivre I had felt in the morning light and had become dark and oppressive to me. I was about to throw it away. As I moved to unfasten the page though, I spilled a splash of orange across the dark shadowed green of the forefront which I had spent long hours brushing in individual blades of grass. As if by magic the contrasting of the oranges let me see the shadows I had been trying so hard to play up. It dawned on me (literally) that it was only because of the brilliance of the morning sun sneaking in the scene that I loved the mist. The shadows I had been concentrating on so hard were in fact only illusion. The obstacles I was swearing at were not there! I grabbed a larger brush, and choosing bright yellows and and ochres I played the light across the page. Grabbing "unreal" pthylo-blues I threw in more contrasts and shadows. Using the pointed end of the brush I scrapped through the paint build-up to let highlights of the blades of grass near me show through. Suddenly what I had been about to trash became a painting I loved and that others respond to all the time when they see it. Sometimes in life I need to remind myself that I can get too complicated. I can get too bogged down in the details about moment to moment survival, the phone bill, the website that needs updating, the 10,000 articles I need to be reading to be UP on my career. Sometimes if I can just grab the "broader brush" of a different point of view, and let a little space and sunlight in, my view of life as a human being nad an artist seems like it's a wonderful gift. Til next time, Create beauty and fill the world with love. Wynn