Monday, August 27, 2007

The world of e-commerce.

Painting a day - "In the Beginning" 24x18" Oil on Paper


I am more and more convinced the way of art marketing and sales, and to real exposure and acceptance as an artist, is through embracing the Web for the benefits it has to offer.

Of course the retail market-place has already acknowledged that. Numerous businesses have already done away with store fronts and fancy retail outlets in order to focus on on-line catalogs and sales. They can reach thousands more clients, be available to process orders and ship 24 hours a day, and cut the over head costs tremendously. Galleries are getting on the band wagon by posting images of their represented artists work and updating as new art work becomes available. We as individual artists can provide instant images of our new works and make them available to a world wide network of collectors.

More and more collectors and shoppers are relying on the web as a marketplace. Buyers can see products, review and compare information from a variety of sources and make a purchase quickly and easily from the comfort of home or office. With UPS, Fed-ex, and other major now arranging home pick up and delivery even returns are not a huge chore if one is disappointed in a product.

I am currently working on a free e-book to share providing links, listing and suggestions for ways for artists to market art work on line, and for collectors to make sure they get good work at a fair price. Anyone who requests it through my email account may receive a free pdf of the information. Simply request the Free e-book on Online Marketing.

All of us working together as artists and as collectors of Fine Art can benefit by sharing knowledge and support and encouragement.

Until next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love.