Saturday, September 15, 2007

10 steps to Market your Art to the World

Painting-a-day Solitude 16x20" Oil on Masonite Panel
People tell me I am amazing at marketing and getting coverage for my work. Personally I think there is still SO much I need to learn in order move to the level of a national competitor for recognition in the art world (and for sales) that I wish to be. That means mostly putting my regular daily work into over drive and making sure everyday I do at lease one of the following 10 steps to get my work out there and sell it.
1.) PAINT - unless I work every day to have a product that is of quality and that is desirable, all the marketing in the world is not going to make me recognized as a collectible artist.
2.) KEEP RECORDS - without sound pictorial references, book-keeping AND up dated list of works and their where abouts there is no way to manage a career.
3.) UDPATE MY PORTFOLIO - When I create new works my collectors and prospective galleries need to now about them. Likewise when a work has sold I need to notate that and remove it so that a client is no longer disappointed that the ONE work the desire is already gone.
4.) SUBMIT - No I don't mean be sub-dominant to my husband. I mean apply for every show that I research and find is correct for my type of art. For every gallery that might be interested in my work, for every competition, or every local AND NATIONAL juried show. (An artist can almost Never rely on just her/ his local friends and family for a living wage.
5.) FOLLOW UP ON LEADS - Every friend that mentions a friend, every builder , every collector , every designer, every developer, every retailer who has mentioned an interest in my work needs a reminder that I am here. A new image, a friendly note, a call to say "How are things going?"
6.) NETWORK - Go to galleries openings, go to wholesale shows, go to retail shows, talk to people outside of my world, talk to the people IN my world. Thank people for referrals. Refer people to friends. The world of other people is here for us to use it .. to share it.
7.) GET WRITTEN PUBLICITY - It really is not that hard to get press coverage. Write a press release and send it for everything you do. A new series of paintings, a new show, an award, recognitions from peers. Search out local magazines and papers. They are often looking for well written fast stories about local personalities. Submit to everything you can.
8) DONATE - Unfortunately once you donate everyone thinks you should give them something. And with the Tax laws as they are, artists are screwed with the amounts we donate that can be written off. Still donating to public causes can get your name before the public, and repeated exposure pays off in the long run. Name Recognition is the way your prices can increase.
9.)TEACH - Teach a workshop. Teach a class. Share your knowledge with others. Whenever you have the chance talk to any one about How you paint. Why you paint. What you paint. Educate collectors, other artists and the general public about why what you do is important to you. And why it is important to the world around them.
10.) PAINT - I know it started the list. It also must end it. Unless I paint, unless I grow every day as an artist, and unless I can create a body of work that will represent me in a cohesive way - I can't call myself an artist. That doesn't mean to only paint one way or one thing. But know who I am, to explore my creative means in every way possible requires that I produce regularly, that I continue to explore to refine and to experiment.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love