Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Silk, canvas, art goddesses, back to the joy of work!

Goddesses No. 13 14 x 11" Acrylic on Masonite Panel Framed
This was a wonderful and successful weekend of art sharing and meeting some great new people! I exhibited for the first time in public my Goddesses and people went wild over them. The cards series was immensely popular and the paintings were gone in a flash. There is something very organic and earthy about them, at the same time the bright colors and clarity of them speaks to many people. ..
I was surprised at the number of expectant mothers who were taken by them. Many expressed how the Goddesses affirmed to them that they were still beautiful and attractive in their current state. I am so glad that they get it! That its about all women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful and desirable and perfect as we are!
I am working hard this week on developing this series even more and also on expanding it into silk wraps and clothing.
I have long been fascinated by the techniques of silk painting, and I think that my silhouetted "Twilight" series of trees back lit with sunsets and moonlight will be wonderful in soft colors and in the flowing silk clothing I am developing. The Goddesses are a natural for the jackets and scarves I am creating now.
Back to work
Until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love!