Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The silly things that an artist deals with

Painting a day - Twilight Series No. 4000 24 x 36" Hand Dyed Silk
$195.00 Sometimes in the rush to create there are little things I over look.

Yesterday, after months of discussing and planning I started on a new venture: Silk Painting. I've dreamed of the scarves and clothing I will make using my trademark Twilight Series of paintings. I've read dozens of books on techniques. Scoured on-line sites for hints, do's and dont's. I invested an amount of money on some quality silk and painting supplies. Finally I blocked out a period of time that I knew I could work undisturbed. I loved it. The paints flow with the fabric and I am able to create beautiful skies landscapes in fabric that is both hang-able and wearable art.

There was one little bit of information I seemed to have over looked. It seems the French imported dyes I am using which are brilliant colored and fluid... are also semi-permanent in skin. I missed the note that one should wear gloves while working with this medium! Ive tried everything I know. Mineral spirits, Turpenoid, denatured alcohol, bleach.... nothing lightens the stains. So for a few days - perhaps weeks now - I am going to be walking around with brilliant colored hands. I guess it's the stigmata of the artist...

But the paintings are beautiful and I cant stop now!

Until next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love!