Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Painting a day
Rolling Thunder
9 x 24" Oil on Paper
It raining. I usually love grey cool wet days. God knows we have not had any rain here all summer so I am grateful for it.
Still. When you are an artist who makes her living mostly at out door art sales and farmers markets and festivals... rainy weekends can be the death of the bottom line.
So I am not at the Alexandria Farmers Market today. Instead I am using the day to iron all my new silk scarves and catalogue the work I am doing. I am repacking for art shows later. I am working on new paintings and up-dating my web page. I am sending out invites to my Solo show openings coming up next month, and I am taking time for a cup of hot tea and later a good glass of wine and begin grateful for the day. The sun will shine tomorrow and then it's back to the races.
Until next time
Create great beauty and fill the world with love

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Race is on again!

Original work 2008 Gift calenders available for the Holiday Season.

Each is printing on quality stock Paper and bound with enduring spring binding. They arrive in sealed cellophane packages to protect them from travel and shipping wear and tear. ORDER YOURS TODAY before the LIMITED supply is GONE!

Ive started the Fall Madness that I love so much about creating art and craft.

Beginning this week I will be at the Alexandria Farmer's Market Saturdays 6 am until 10 am.

Sundays will find me at the Eastern Market in Washington DC every Sunday 9 am until 5 pm.

I open my solo Show "My Virginia" at the VCU Stony Point Medical Facilities on November 1. This show of new works of mine in oil and oil pastel focuses on my unique vision of the Virginia landscape and has about 30 works framed and for sale. The show runs until January 5th, 2008

ALSO this week I hang another solo show at the Durant Memorial Center In Old Town Alexandria ( 1605 Cameron Street) This show sponsored by the Alexandria Commission for the arts and entitled "Virginia Landscapes" is a retro of my past landscape paintings, as well as explorations in new directions for expressing my view of the landscape. that exhibit will also run November 2, 2007 until January 2, 2008. There will be a "meet the artist" reception Friday night November 9 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm.

Needless to say I am running full steam ahead. Not only am I polishing my painting skills of r new work, and working on a few commissions, I am also developing a line of fine craft wearable silk items in my trademark colors and landscapes .

Sleep would be good... Maybe in January!

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the World with Love


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day to day struggles... so many arts works so little time!

If only I didn't need sleep. Or to teach as much as I do to pay my rent right now. Or if there were some way to get everyone to agree on which of my art forms they want to buy and then Id only have to concentrate on one medium at a time.. ( that sounds boring somehow). Of course it would be nice if I could find someone willing to update my web page for free every day, and help me with all the eBay marketing, and the publicity and the press releases and the events planning and applications. Then it would also be nice to find a volunteer full time book keeper to deal with the taxes, and my book-keeping, and suppliers orders and bank balances and production costs etc...
The truth is I love doing ALL these things. I like being in charge of my life. I love the people I am meeting by doing out door markets and craft fairs. I enjoy the gallery scene for my solo shows. I love the time I get to explore new ideas and create new works to share, and to make others lives joy-filled as well.
I get frustrated that I am not more on top of all of them all the time.. but then if only I didn't need sleep
until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love

Friday, October 5, 2007

New Award - Honorable Mention The Art League Alexandria Va

"Blue Ridge Sunrise"
18 x 24" Oil Pastel on Paper
I have just been notified that my painting Blue ridge Sunrise has been awarded an honorable mention in the recent show at the Art League - Torpedo Factory, Alexandria Va.
I also would like to mention I have been featured this month in an article in Elan Magazine. This Northern Virginia "High end" art resource magazine covers promising and professional artists in the Metro region. I am very honored to be included in their pages!
I sometimes struggle with the fact that I am attracted to so many different styles of artwork. Yet it always seems to be the landscape that draws me back. We are often told that in order to have good gallery representation that we need to focus ourselves and to present only one style of work that we do. I know that is so a gallery owner knows how best to peg us and to promote us and I recognize the sensibility in that. But I still have to work in the different mediums that attract me. So I find that as long as I keep focused on my landscape work it doesn't really seem to matter if it is oil, oil pastel, acrylic or even the new silk paintings/ wearable art I am currently doing I still seem to create a cohesive body of work.
This is a busy month for me. This Saturday October 6 I am introducing my new line of wearable hand-painted silk art at Art on the Avenue ( Booth #W163) This huge street fair takes place on Mt. Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray section of Alexandria Va, 10 am til 6 pm. Come early it gets crowded, and finding parking is hard. I also have available now my 2008 Calendars for sale - in either the Virginia Landscapes series, or the Goddess series.
Sunday I am at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill.
Next Saturday October 13th I'll be back at the Bethesda Artist Market in Bethesda Maryland.
I am hanging two solo shows this month that will run until January 2008. one at the stony Point Medical Center in Richmond VA, as part of the VCU/ MCV system. November 1 until January 2
The other will be in Alexandria, VA at the Oswald Durant Center November 2 until January 5.
More on those later.
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE

Monday, October 1, 2007

NEW beginnings... developing a new art line

Silk Scarf - Twilight Blues
100% quality silk, 8mm
Hand painted using traditional French Silk Painting Techniques and permanent silk dyes. Color graduates from a deep teal to light sky blue with moon and clouds in background. Tree silhouettes on one end only. May be hung ad wall hanging or worn as wearable art scarf
22 x 90"
I've begun developing a new series of wearable fine art. I am creating one of a kind unique hand painted silk scarves, handkerchiefs, and Silk Kimono Jackets. Each piece is hand-dyed and painted using a resist method to created designs with complex colors and layers. Each piece is 100% imported china silk of the finest quality and hand hemmed. Colors and designs are permanent and the garment can be dry-cleaned or hand washed.
This scarf is using my trademark images of "Twilight Series" (TM) usual gradually darkening color and lightening toward the skyline which includes moon, clouds, and tree silhouettes in the foreground.
I am also developing a series that includes the "Goddess" images as well as abstract color studies as well.
There will be scarves and New 2008 Wall calendars available at Art on the Avenue this Saturday - Oct 6 - all day long. (Mt Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray section of Old Town Alexandria)
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love.