Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Painting a day
Rolling Thunder
9 x 24" Oil on Paper
It raining. I usually love grey cool wet days. God knows we have not had any rain here all summer so I am grateful for it.
Still. When you are an artist who makes her living mostly at out door art sales and farmers markets and festivals... rainy weekends can be the death of the bottom line.
So I am not at the Alexandria Farmers Market today. Instead I am using the day to iron all my new silk scarves and catalogue the work I am doing. I am repacking for art shows later. I am working on new paintings and up-dating my web page. I am sending out invites to my Solo show openings coming up next month, and I am taking time for a cup of hot tea and later a good glass of wine and begin grateful for the day. The sun will shine tomorrow and then it's back to the races.
Until next time
Create great beauty and fill the world with love