Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Christmas Season - Collectible Hand Made Cards

The 2007 Collectible Christmas Card Series
4 assorted hand painted Cards for $25.00
Each card hand-painted
4x6" image Acrylic on Matte Board
Mounted on 5x7" archival paper suitable for framing.
2007 Hand Painted Canvas Ornament
4" x 4" x 1" Acrylic on Canvas with Ribbon Hanger
$15.00 each
Each year I design a card image that I use in a series of hand painted cards and small canvas ornaments for my collectors. This year the series features a single decorated wild spruce or holly tree the snow with others fading into the back ground. The Paintings have an iridescent blue paint that reflect the skies and the snow drifts in front of the trees reflect the green of the trees on a winter day. Each year there is a new series. Collect them all!
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Create Beauty and fill the world with love

Thursday, November 22, 2007

How fast the year goes bye

2008 Landscape Calendar featuring 13 of my recent works.

8.5 x 11" Printed on Archival Quality paper. 12.95 each

It's Thanksgiving day.

I have so much to be grateful for this year. My partner and I really expanded my art business to be a full time job. I have had 11 solo and group shows around the country this year. My skills have grown because of my having time to paint EVERY DAY. I've made new friends and I've expanded my network of other very talented artists! My partner and I have strengthened our relationship because of being committed to working together building the business.

Besides all that I discovered a new medium that I have fallen in love with ( Silk Painting) and I am expanding sidelines of wearable art that includes my landscapes and my goddesses.

How quickly a year passes when you are passionately involved in life, love and art.

Better get a calendar now! It looks like 2008 is going to be here before I blink and I want it to be just a joy filled as 2007 has been.

Thanks for all of your support and words of encouragement.

Until next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holiday Cards

Featuring a single decorated tree amidst its pals in the snow.

Each card is hand-painted original 4 x 6" art. Painted in acrylic on matte-board these can be collected and framed in a 5x7" if you can't bear to send them away to your friends for the holidays. Each set is $25.00 for 4 cards - mixed vertical and horizontal.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Frustrations and Venting 101

You know, as an artist I work pretty hard: To be professional. To follow through on my commitments. To present both quality work and an attitude that will assure my clients and those that represent me that I am dependable. That I am serious about the work I do and that I intend to be recognized and am here for the long investment of a career as an art and craft person.

So it really irritates me when I commit to something and the sponsor sees the event and my work as an afterthought.

Case in point. This past weekend I had a "Meet the Artist" opening for a show that is hanging in the city as part of a local Arts organization. It was supposedly a juried show. There is a required commission on all sales and all sales must go through the organizers.

There was little or no communication about the show, the hanging, the venue. I had to organize the reception and pay for it all myself (which I didn't mind it is part of the marketing budget.) There was no information about how to order a set up, nor any mention from the venue that that a license was needed to serve alcohol at the reception. The DAY OF of the 6:30 PM reception I was informed that I couldn't get in to set up until after 6:00 pm because of an after-school program in the building. There had been NO publicity in the local papers or even on the web site of the organization. There were no fliers made, nothing mentioning the show at all.( I had spent a good deal to produce my own post cards of the event and send them to a limited mailing list of my collectors and also to do my usual web site and online marketing.) There was one quick last minute e-mail sent out the day before the show to a limited list of other artists in the area... not buyers or investors or collectors. No arrangements were made to have a representative from the organization present to deal with charges or sales (Remember they HAD to go through the commission.) And not one member of the organization managed to show up for the reception.

I recognize that I am just one of many artists in this community. I recognize that perhaps this show was not really about supporting the local artists as much as about making the arts organization look good and as if it is doing something to add to the quality of life. But unlike a lot of the local artist here i am not retired or living on someone else's income. I can't afford to create mount and frame work to hang as free wall decorations.

End of tirade, back to painting.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The power of marketing

Hand painted Cards - each card frameable quality original 5x7" set of 4 in mixed colors $25.00

2008 Landscape Calendar Archival Print Quality - 8.5 x 11" Spiral Bound Each $12.95


In a recent article in the Washington City Paper (http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/display.php?id=2376) I was mis-quoted as saying that my artistic success "has more to do with marketing than artistic talent." While I did not say that.... and I do not and never did believe that, I DO believe that without some marketing skills and the push to get my creative work out there I have no hope of making an income as an artist.

As an example of that - one of the things I do regularly is to send out a monthly e-mail report to people who have requested to be on my email list and people who I have exchanged ideas with about what new work I am creating, where I am currently showing and what works I have available for sale. This week I sent out my November Arts Update Email and within 48 hours I had orders for cards, my 2008 calendars, and my silk scarves from people who are beginning to think about their holiday gift ideas. I also have a response of people saying they are attending my solo art show opening tonight, and THAT means I have a chance to sell a few paintings.

NONE of these things would have been possible if I had not spent time reaching out, planning and marketing. To many artists the idea of marketing their work is beneath them. To others artists it is simply a matter of not knowing where to start or how to market. Keep in mind that marketing is really the simple act of informing people - friends (old and new), relatives, previous collectors and future buyers - that you have a product or them and that it is available at such and such a location for such and such a time. My business and romantic partner always reminds me that K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple, Stupid) is the best way to approach everything in life and that goes double for marketing. Get the word out there that you have built it ( painted it, sewn it, shaped it...etc) and they WILL come!

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with love!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The meaning of creativity

Austin's Way 24 x 18" Oil


Painting is in many ways the thing that keeps me sane.

Life can be so hard at times. The simple matter of trying to pay the bills on time. Or come up with the money needed to produce a show and reception in order to sell work to make the money to pay for the materials needed to make the work.

My life has been a series of challenging events. From childhood abuse, to life in an orphanage, to putting myself through school for a career as a performer, to now working to build a reputation as a artist. None of life is easy. But it can be rewarding and joy filled.

Friday this week I open a new solo show of works based on my love of the Virginia Landscape. The works range from realistic to abstracted images in oil and oil pastels. Works are moderately priced and all works are available for purchase. There will be a "Meet the Artist" reception Friday evening form 6:30 til 9 pm at the show. Located at the Oswald Durant Center 1605 Cameron Street, Alexandria Va 22314

Events like this where I get the chance to talk with the people who collect my work; to get to know them and let them know me, allow me to really celebrate what I paint, and why, and how.

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Wonder of Silk Landscapes

Silk Kerchief 6x20" 100% imported hand rolled hemmed silk. Each piece hand painted using traditional Silk Painting Techniques and steam set for lasting color and durability. $20.00 each

Since all my life I have been a nature child and the landscape is both my escape and my grounding it is only natural that both my fine art and my silk work is based on landsapes.

I am using wonderful imported silk that is so smooth to the touch that it almost feels like flesh. The drape of the fabric lets it hang and swirl around you when you wear them, but when used as a window covering or wall hanging, the light leaps through like a fine stained glass window.

I am so pleased to list that I now have several lines of silk available: 6x20" Kerchiefs, Silk Stoles at 22 x 90", Hobatai Veils at 35 x 84", wonderful Silk Square headscarfs at 44 x44", and even casual and dressy chiffon silk Kimono type light gauze jackets. All are hand dyed and painted using improted silk dyes that are specifically created for brilliant color and longevity.

You can find my Wearable Silk art at The Alexandria Farmer's Market ( 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA) on Saturday mornings until Christmas, and also every Sunday at the Eastern Market ( 7th and North Carolina Ave, SE) in DC .

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Letting Color Reign

Silk Stole 22 x90
Hand painted
Imported 100% silk
Color has always been my master. Long before I had an inkling about color theory I was fascinated by the way that colors played off of each other, the ways that colors could guide mood, heighten emotional reactions and thoughts.
In my landscape paintings I have always considered myself a colorist. Of course I always take form, value and density into consideration, but I allow the color to guide my response to nature around me.
As I have recently begun to develop a line of "Landscape" paintings in silk, I have discovered even more the passion I have for color, and how it can lead one to a new horizon. Simply allowing colors to lie beside each other begins, as Rothko saw, the dialogue of earth and sky. Form is determined by value but also simply by the juxtaposition of shade, hue, contrasts, and complements.
My new series of wearable silk landscapes in french dye is re-kindling my love of pure color. I hope you enjoy them as well!
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!