Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Frustrations and Venting 101

You know, as an artist I work pretty hard: To be professional. To follow through on my commitments. To present both quality work and an attitude that will assure my clients and those that represent me that I am dependable. That I am serious about the work I do and that I intend to be recognized and am here for the long investment of a career as an art and craft person.

So it really irritates me when I commit to something and the sponsor sees the event and my work as an afterthought.

Case in point. This past weekend I had a "Meet the Artist" opening for a show that is hanging in the city as part of a local Arts organization. It was supposedly a juried show. There is a required commission on all sales and all sales must go through the organizers.

There was little or no communication about the show, the hanging, the venue. I had to organize the reception and pay for it all myself (which I didn't mind it is part of the marketing budget.) There was no information about how to order a set up, nor any mention from the venue that that a license was needed to serve alcohol at the reception. The DAY OF of the 6:30 PM reception I was informed that I couldn't get in to set up until after 6:00 pm because of an after-school program in the building. There had been NO publicity in the local papers or even on the web site of the organization. There were no fliers made, nothing mentioning the show at all.( I had spent a good deal to produce my own post cards of the event and send them to a limited mailing list of my collectors and also to do my usual web site and online marketing.) There was one quick last minute e-mail sent out the day before the show to a limited list of other artists in the area... not buyers or investors or collectors. No arrangements were made to have a representative from the organization present to deal with charges or sales (Remember they HAD to go through the commission.) And not one member of the organization managed to show up for the reception.

I recognize that I am just one of many artists in this community. I recognize that perhaps this show was not really about supporting the local artists as much as about making the arts organization look good and as if it is doing something to add to the quality of life. But unlike a lot of the local artist here i am not retired or living on someone else's income. I can't afford to create mount and frame work to hang as free wall decorations.

End of tirade, back to painting.