Friday, November 9, 2007

The power of marketing

Hand painted Cards - each card frameable quality original 5x7" set of 4 in mixed colors $25.00

2008 Landscape Calendar Archival Print Quality - 8.5 x 11" Spiral Bound Each $12.95

In a recent article in the Washington City Paper ( I was mis-quoted as saying that my artistic success "has more to do with marketing than artistic talent." While I did not say that.... and I do not and never did believe that, I DO believe that without some marketing skills and the push to get my creative work out there I have no hope of making an income as an artist.

As an example of that - one of the things I do regularly is to send out a monthly e-mail report to people who have requested to be on my email list and people who I have exchanged ideas with about what new work I am creating, where I am currently showing and what works I have available for sale. This week I sent out my November Arts Update Email and within 48 hours I had orders for cards, my 2008 calendars, and my silk scarves from people who are beginning to think about their holiday gift ideas. I also have a response of people saying they are attending my solo art show opening tonight, and THAT means I have a chance to sell a few paintings.

NONE of these things would have been possible if I had not spent time reaching out, planning and marketing. To many artists the idea of marketing their work is beneath them. To others artists it is simply a matter of not knowing where to start or how to market. Keep in mind that marketing is really the simple act of informing people - friends (old and new), relatives, previous collectors and future buyers - that you have a product or them and that it is available at such and such a location for such and such a time. My business and romantic partner always reminds me that K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple, Stupid) is the best way to approach everything in life and that goes double for marketing. Get the word out there that you have built it ( painted it, sewn it, shaped it...etc) and they WILL come!

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