Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Wonder of Silk Landscapes

Silk Kerchief 6x20" 100% imported hand rolled hemmed silk. Each piece hand painted using traditional Silk Painting Techniques and steam set for lasting color and durability. $20.00 each

Since all my life I have been a nature child and the landscape is both my escape and my grounding it is only natural that both my fine art and my silk work is based on landsapes.

I am using wonderful imported silk that is so smooth to the touch that it almost feels like flesh. The drape of the fabric lets it hang and swirl around you when you wear them, but when used as a window covering or wall hanging, the light leaps through like a fine stained glass window.

I am so pleased to list that I now have several lines of silk available: 6x20" Kerchiefs, Silk Stoles at 22 x 90", Hobatai Veils at 35 x 84", wonderful Silk Square headscarfs at 44 x44", and even casual and dressy chiffon silk Kimono type light gauze jackets. All are hand dyed and painted using improted silk dyes that are specifically created for brilliant color and longevity.

You can find my Wearable Silk art at The Alexandria Farmer's Market ( 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA) on Saturday mornings until Christmas, and also every Sunday at the Eastern Market ( 7th and North Carolina Ave, SE) in DC .

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!