Friday, December 28, 2007

ART as art...

18 x 24" Oil on Canvas
I love to paint. I forget at times how much the simple act of putting paint to canvas eases my world worn spirit and makes life worth while again. I often get tied up in the "I must produce more work faster to sell today" mentality and I forget that I started this because I loved the act of painting.
When I step in front of the canvas and clear my mind and let my spirit guide my fingers, then I begin to feel back in my own body and life becomes joy filled again. I don't have to worry about whether it is good or marketable or world class painting, or not. I can trust my skills, trust my heart to take me where I need to go. Paint, unlike a lover or a family member or the person at the job, can't let me down. It can only free me to be me again.
Recently I was asked to do several commissions. The people I work with are all lovely and I love to be asked to create something special just for them. Often they will go through my portfolio and see a work they love that I have already sold and ask if I can recreate it. My answer is always that yes, I can recreate the feel and the colors used, but that no two paintings of mine are ever going to be just alike.
I don't mind copying from myself. If I have created a painting that touches someone other than the original buyer ( and please god let them be seen by many others) then I want to be able to make that same emotional response available to others. What I don't really plan to do often is to make a print or an exact copy. I love to recreate the feel of a place not a photographic replica of it, and those feeling change like the sunlight does minute to minute.
This week I have had the honor of painting again! It's good to be home!
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!