Monday, December 17, 2007

The Art of Commissions

Cherries 9x24" Oil on paper

SOLD _ private commission

The creation of an original piece of fine artwork is a personal and interactive process. It is important for you to understand the process. Although there is a process, there are no hard and fast rules. The free flow of ideas, facts and feelings are essential to the completion of a commission. I am committed to your satisfaction.

Initial Contact Take some time to look at my Artwork through my website or a visit to my studio. Get an idea of my style. I paint primarily landscapes, still life, and abstracts. Each commission is unique. Any image you find attractive can be enlarged, lengthened, altered, and adapted to fit your specific space and needs. I choose my materials and techniques to ensure the greatest of permanency; when treated appropriately your art will outlast your grandchildren. Fine Art is a financial and personal investment. Quality and longevity are of great importance to me. I enjoy a challenge. If my style is one that you are interested in, contact me and we can discuss the details. I will also give you an idea of my current work schedule.

Consultation The nature of the initial consultation will depend upon you. To best help us both, I would like to see where the art will be placed, the lighting and decor in the room, and the flow of traffic through the room. Photos of work that interest you are also helpful. We will also use telephone and e-mail to keep in contact. I will be creating a piece of art that is unique and personal. I aim to make sure it is right for you, your family, or the persons to whom you are gifting it, to enjoy for a lifetime.

Agreement and Pricing I can create both large scale and smaller pieces to fit your needs. Price depends on many factors which include, size, materials, technique style, and matting and framing (Delivery/Shipping fees and installation charges are an additional charge). The evolution of the piece will affect the cost. The estimate is just that, an estimate. Depending on the complexity of the image and the materials and the number of labor hours required, the price is adjustable (not always higher). Upon your commitment to commission a work from me, I will require a contract with a down-payment equal to ½ the agreed estimated price for the finished work. This provides the materials for the commissioned work as well as a good faith commitment on both our parts to finish this project.

Sketches and Reviews Based upon our initial discussions, I will make several sketches. We’ll meet again and go over the proposed work. You’ll be given an opportunity to review the sketches and to make a final selection. Your input here is invaluable. After this selection, I will create the painting incorporating your ideas and suggestions. Please note that after this phase, there are limited opportunities for further change in the image composition or colors of the painting. (Note: unless agreed upon prior to beginning the work, all sketches remain the property of the artist and may be purchased separately.)

The Finished Work At that time I will proceed to complete and deliver the commissioned artwork as per our agreed time schedule. When the painting is complete I will notify you to view it. We can then arrange the final payment and the delivery of the work.

For additional information on Commissioning Artwork please contact me direct at: Or call my studio at 703.652.9626.