Friday, December 21, 2007

New Horizons

My painting has always been about creating beauty and vibrant color. I am starting to develop now a line of silk clothing. Using the jewel tones and vibrant colors of nature that I love so much, along with my simple abstracted landscape styles on hand painted silk and satin, I am designing and creating hand made clothing for men and women. Clothing that celebrates culture, class, and elegance; while at the same time clothing that can go from the Board-room to the ball-room. My free-style clothing draws from many cultures and influences and is designed to allow the maximum freedom of movement while still celebrating and highlighting the form, beauty, and diversity of the human body!

I look forward to sharing the new designs and my work in silk, satin, linen and velvets int he coming month with you all. Happy Holidays!

Until Next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love!