Friday, August 10, 2007

Selling out or selling?

Painting a Day - Appalachian Trail No. 2 2007 Image is 7x5" acrylic on Masonite panel. Matted and framed under glass ( 14x11")Currently available at for $75.00 Every morning when I am out walking and greeting my day with fresh air and exercise, I am astounded at the people walking past me on their way into offices. They are awake, alive, and going to spend the majority of their day doing what they do to keep a roof over their head ands and provide for themselves and their loved ones. The majority of them have the most sour faces imaginable. A look so completely resigned to a fate they seem to have no control over. Its not yet 8 am usually, and so early they look as though on their way to a guillotine. This is what the majority of Americans call making a living. I paint. I love it. It gives me great joy. I take pride in my work. It fills my days with happiness and beauty. I am the mistress of what I create. I can choose my medium. I can decide on a subject matter. I for the most part schedule my time to work on a project when I want. To eat when I please, to do paperwork when it is convenient to me. Yes. I live simply for the most part. But its a trade off I choose for now to build on something later. Yes, I at times have to paint what someone else desires... but I can set my boundaries and I can work a schedule I desire. I am very grateful that others find my work appealing. A wonderful gallery owner Ive recently been in contact with ( Betty Bercowski at Christopher Park Gallery ) made a suggestion to me recently about a new product she thought my art-work would be good for. She apologized to me that perhaps I felt it was selling out to create this product for her store. I amazed me. I Paint. I love it. If I can create something that someone wants to sell and that bring me another stream of income - HOW is that selling out? I am always looking for venues that appreciate the home -made, the original, the unique that utilizes my love of earth and sky in any forms! As Caroll Michels said in her wonderful book "How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist" "the majority of artists who are concerned about this issue are not in a position to sell out, nor are they quite sure what it means." Personally, I'll take selling anyway I can get it over having to face a life of drudgery like I see in the faces of the majority of "worker bees" I pass every morning! Til next time Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn