Saturday, August 18, 2007

The art of the impossible

Painting a day "Nothing but Blue Skies" 24 x18" Oil Pastel on Paper $490.00 Everyday that I wake up and think of painting for a living it seems like an impossible challenge. I know so many would be artists who constantly talk about the lack of respect, the lack of venues, the lack of ideas, the lack of money, the competition, and I think how can I be stupid enough to even try to do this. But then what I realize is that so many artists (myself included) gladly spend a lot more time talking about art and the business of art than they do creating it and marketing it. So of course it seems like a loosing business. As soon as I can put it in the perspective of a BUSINESS though I begin to grasp that making art and making a living from art are really not that different. Both require that I show up on a regular schedule, and that I DO the work. I trust that my research, my skills, my techniques will continue to grow, and that I can tap into the market for my particular creations. It has been said that there is a market for anything and everything created. It is the artist's job to find their particular niche. In an interview yesterday someone said that I seemed to focus a lot on marketing... and he asked if I thought a market could be created even for bad works? My real answer is that there are no bad works, just different skill levels and different forms of expression. And yes, a market can be created for anything if the person (or an agent of that artist) wishes to invest the time and the money into building it. On the other hand if I were painting and everyone to whom I showed my work got a bland distant look in their eyes and said "Isn't that interesting" I'd hope I get the hint and keep it in the hobby category. Being an artist is fun. Watching a work of art take shape under my fingers, to see what starts in my mind take shape on the page and grow into more than I even imagined is a rush like none other. But I know that to make a living as an artist takes hours of hard work, marketing, and schmoozing, and being prepared for when that moment comes that I realize I AM making a living at what I love. There is joy in the preparation as well! Until next time Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn