Sunday, August 19, 2007


Painting a day - Expanse 12x9" Oil pastel on Paper
Today is about expanding my horizons. I am an intellect by birth and an introvert by nature. I am completely happy spending days and weeks alone in my home and studio reading, writing my own thoughts, exploring others writings, teachings, and art. My need for outside stimulus is minimal. Yes, I have at times contemplated life in a nunnery or Buddhist temple. The idea of my days spent studying and creating, hours of meditation. A simple life is very very attractive to me.
But the part of me that wishes to use all the skills available to me to create a rich full and prosperous life for myself demands that I balance out my introvert with a personality that can be very public. In order to teach, to perform, to reach out and sell my art work and make sure it is seen but the public, I have to work at communicating with others. I have to be open to all possibilities. I have to look beyond the obvious - search for people and places that might be out of my safety zone in order to make a living.
I have a been accused of being very anti-gallery. And while it is true that I think there are a lot of problems with the system, it is the one we have and I don't believe that I or any one other artist is going to change that system. I don't have the kind of ego that demands fame for personal reasons. But I recognize that in order for me to build the kind of livelihood I want from selling my artwork, I need to be known and that is going to happen by being recognized in the art world through major galleries and through exhibitions that draw attention to my art work.
In other words I have to play by their rules and work along with them to build my reputation. I have no qualms with that. An equal partnership in all things is what I strive for in life. Call me idealist. I think it is possible .
I am reading and studying and searching everyday for the right venues for my personal vision of art. I am well aware that my work is not for everyone. I am not "edgy" or cutting edge in my art. I am not in your face political in my art. My landscapes are for the most part sensuous peaceful poetic images moments in time. My paintings have been accused of being "pretty", which seems a fate worse than death to some educators gallery owners and curators. Fortunately I do not paint for them. I paint for the people who want an original painting by an artist who understands that the world can be rough and fast and stressful. I paint for the collector who is also looking for a painting that take him away for a moment to a quieter, simpler, beautiful place and time. Ultimately I paint because it is who I am and what I do.
And my world is a more beautiful peaceful caring introspective place because of it.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love