Sunday, August 26, 2007

Branching Out

Painting a Day
Twilight Series No. 2000 12x9" acrylic on Masonite Panel
Branching out - no pun intended.
I love to paint. It seems my soul is drawn to trees more than anything. They are symbolic to me of both being rooted and belonging somewhere and at the same time reaching towards heaven.
So many factors can affect the twists and turns and directions that a tree will grow into - The constant winds from a particular direction. Being in the shadow of a larger neighbor or parent tree. An accident that cripples it or stunts it growth . Lack of nourishment. Not enough room for growth, Not enough light.
Just like humans. We are often bent and shaped by the people and events around us, whether they are nurturing or stifling. When we are given the support we need and the freedom to branch out we grow and we become our unique and individual selves. When our friends, family and people in our industry treat us with respect and with encouragement, when the advice and the nourishment they give us comes from a place of love and of confidence and empowerment rather than fear or a need to control... then we grow and flourish as our best selves. We soar. We find the ability to try to do to achieve our best selves. And we learn to pass that on to others around us. We all share in the infinite wealth of the universe around us.
Plant a new tree somewhere today, figuratively or literally. Nourish it and watch it grow. . And become astounded at what life offers us!
Until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love.