Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day to day struggles... so many arts works so little time!

If only I didn't need sleep. Or to teach as much as I do to pay my rent right now. Or if there were some way to get everyone to agree on which of my art forms they want to buy and then Id only have to concentrate on one medium at a time.. ( that sounds boring somehow). Of course it would be nice if I could find someone willing to update my web page for free every day, and help me with all the eBay marketing, and the publicity and the press releases and the events planning and applications. Then it would also be nice to find a volunteer full time book keeper to deal with the taxes, and my book-keeping, and suppliers orders and bank balances and production costs etc...
The truth is I love doing ALL these things. I like being in charge of my life. I love the people I am meeting by doing out door markets and craft fairs. I enjoy the gallery scene for my solo shows. I love the time I get to explore new ideas and create new works to share, and to make others lives joy-filled as well.
I get frustrated that I am not more on top of all of them all the time.. but then if only I didn't need sleep
until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love