Monday, November 5, 2007

Letting Color Reign

Silk Stole 22 x90
Hand painted
Imported 100% silk
Color has always been my master. Long before I had an inkling about color theory I was fascinated by the way that colors played off of each other, the ways that colors could guide mood, heighten emotional reactions and thoughts.
In my landscape paintings I have always considered myself a colorist. Of course I always take form, value and density into consideration, but I allow the color to guide my response to nature around me.
As I have recently begun to develop a line of "Landscape" paintings in silk, I have discovered even more the passion I have for color, and how it can lead one to a new horizon. Simply allowing colors to lie beside each other begins, as Rothko saw, the dialogue of earth and sky. Form is determined by value but also simply by the juxtaposition of shade, hue, contrasts, and complements.
My new series of wearable silk landscapes in french dye is re-kindling my love of pure color. I hope you enjoy them as well!
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!