Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So... I have 2 weeks and..

Tree of Life

Hand painted silk

18" x 18" NFS

I need to sew 10 new woven top silk pillows I need to sew 5 more large scale Tpestires I need to paint 4 more large Still lifes! AH! the joy of pressure!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My how time flies when you're having fun - NOT

Grandmother's Bowl 18" x 24" Oil pastel on Paper $575.00 It has been months since I wrote how did that happen? Well, I have been working on a couple of books, and articles. I have been doing a few art shows trying to eek out a living, and I have been connecting to long lost friends on FACEBOOK! Needless to say, I have not gotten much of anything done. BUT starting this weekend I begin to paint for two new upcoming solo shows of 2-D art, plus I am finalising the big holiday party we are giving see More soon! unti;l next time Create Beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Design Style Guide is on Youtube

Hand Painted Silk Pillow #62 (front and back images)
16" x 20"
Hand Painted silk , Muslin lining, wooden button, hand-wrapped silk frog clasp, glass bead on tie.
Today I am quilting two new wall hanging pieces (smaller sizes.. 40 x 26" and 22 x 18" - pics later this week) and painting a new Sofa Throw ( 60 x 45") to replace the one that was stolen last week. I'm also beginning a new series of 6 " landscape" accessory pillows in hand-painted silk as well. Got to get myself going again!
Here is a wonderful way to get new gift ideas co-ordinated by the folks at Design Style guide:
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Design Style Guide - A new way to shop!

Pillow Set
Each 20" x 20"
Hand Painted/ Woven Silk /Satin Back Private Collection
I am a new member of several organizations. One of the most exciting being
Design Style Guide.
Here is a link to one of their Treasury Listings of selected items wiht a theme for people who collect art and crafts. this is a wonderful link .
Look for my new Store on Etsy
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Landscape passions... why art makes my heart sing.

I don't know of any logical reason for the way the landscape touches my soul. I only know that without my hands in dirt from time to time, and without the time and ability to recreate the feelings I have about the landscapes around me, I would be a poorer person.
My landscapes have always been about color. From the very beginning I was influenced by Wolf Kahn though my foster mom and mentor Ann Aves Martin. Color takes priority over everything for me. But color (including value in that of course), gives everything its shape and its meaning for me. The painting "Blue Ridge Sunrise" is exceedingly simple in in format. Bands of color against each other form a sense of depth and distance, and geography.
Blue ridge Sunrise
oil pastel
18" x 24"
Take that same format, color and add to it the incredible intensity of color on silk and the wall hanging "Sunrise" sings of the land waking up and enjoying " il baccio di primavera" the first kiss of spring.
Hand painted Silk/ muslin
45" x 60"
The painting "Simply Fall" is again simple bands of color with little detail. But the riot of color instantly brings to mind the rush of Virginia mountains as the colors splash themselves in a mad race to winter.
Simply Fall
Oil Pastel on Paper
11" x 14"
As I explore silk painting, I love being able to dive into such rich colors and still create something that is "functional " art. An heirloom to pass down to family members years to come.
In this pillow I've explored water and reflection, in an impressionist style. The grove of tress at the top leave dappled shadows down the bank that play in the moving waters. Hints of summer grass at the bottom give motion and contrast.
Pillow #59a
12" x 16"
Hand-painted/ Hand-Crafted Silk & Muslin
So often I return to the extreme simplicity of color to give only a hint of landscape, as in the next pillow and painting, but still in my heart I feel nature's call to leave to the imagination the mists, the heat, of the summers day, the quiet still of the sultry afternoon.
Pillow 61a
16 x 20"
Hand-painted/ Hand-Crafted Silk
Even the woven silk pillows I am creating have painted strips of landscape in them. I enjoy the surprise on peoples faces when they see them interspersed with the solids and shibori silks.
Woven Pillow
20" x 20"
Hand-Painted Silk / Satin Backing
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Silk Tapestry - A passion I can't seem to let go of...

Thistles- fenced in diptych
w panels each 60" x 22
Hand- painted and stitched silk/Tea dyed muslin
$525.00 pr
My large tapestries are becoming more and more then stuff that dreams are made of for me. Not because they seem so fantastical, but because they allow me to express myself as I always hoped to be able to in painting and art. I love the way light reflects off the material. I love the vibrant colors I am able to get in the landscapes and I love adding detail in both painted color and in stitching.
Each piece is unique, one of a kind. Whether it is a wall hanging, a cmfortor to snuggle under, or a pillow for hugging and snuggling with , they feel so sublimely sensuous to the touh and a are a feast for the eyes and the soul... I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to create and share these! Everyday I work on a new piece and explore new color combinations, new ways to define the landscape for myself. This is what life should be about!
until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Loss and stress... and much disappointment!

Nothing but Blue Skies

Silk Wall Hanging with matching Pillows

60" x 45"

STOLEN - Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts Annapolis MD 07 August 2008

Some times I have got to learn to trust my intuitions. I got a call in early June asking if I was available to do a solo show in July at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. It seemed awfully short notice. The curator mentioned she had meant to call me earlier... but hadn't gotten around to it. I went to visit the space and talked to the curator and we decided yes we'd do it but with a combination of silk tapestries and the paintings they were inspired by. I fiendishly produced 7 new tapestries in two weeks, since it turns out the delivery date was 3 weeks before the actually opening of the show due to scheduling issues.

I had been told I was responsible for rods to hang the show. I bought new rods so I knew they would be sturdy and make the show a uniformed whole. I even waited until the day I was delivering the show to purchase them. I bought exactly the number and sizes needed. We drove to Maryland and dropped off the show. Before we had even gotten back home I got a call saying one of the hanging rods was "missing" and I must not have brought enough. The next day I got an email saying the gallery manager had decided that now they "would buy dowel rods to hang the show as they thought they would look better." If they were going to choose the hanging method why make me spend money to begin with. And what about the lost hanging rod?

The opening for the show was scheduled on a Thursday 5:30 - 7:30 during rush hour traffic ( in the DC area a nightmare) because it turns out the other exhibits going on at the same time (I was not told this either) were an exhibit of amateur photography ESL students who were doing photos of their lives, and an exhibit by handicapped students. Those artists could only be available at that time. Did anyone really think there would be sales from an opening scheduled at that time?

To top it all off, last night I got an e-mail (not even a phone call) "only as a courtesy" to tell me that one of the pieces has been stolen and how sorry they were. Also that they had "not had a theft there for several years".

Needless to say I won't be doing another exhibition there, and I feel violated on several levels. I am often told that I can come across as abrasive, that I rub people the wrong way. I think perhaps because unlike a lot of artists I will not be walked over by the system and galleries. Artists seem so afraid to stand up for themselves. The work we do is not easy. The odds we face to simply make a living are hard enough. And yes I realize that there are thousands of other wannabes who are next in line to grab a chance to be seen or to sell. But the more I learn that this is a BUSINESS - the more I expect and even demand to be treated with the respect and courtesy of any other business person!

There are many more wonderful experiences than negatives in this life. But it seems the negatives need to be brought to light in order to break the old patterns and beliefs, that what we do, who we are is LESS THAN any other producers of quality goods.

until next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love


Monday, August 4, 2008

I need feed back! RANT AND RAVE WARNING!!!

Is it just me?

I work really hard to create art and craft that people respect and appreciate. Visitors to my booth ooh! and ahhh! over my work, handle it, ask questions, admire it ... and then walk on by. Everyone says "It's the economy" "It's the slow time of the season" "After the election things will be different." My art works is priced VERY modestly. My last two art fairs I sold ONE (1) $19.00 scarf at each one. I work hard and fast. I know my expenses I don't try to gouge prices. I simply need to make back the money I spend on art and pay my rent.... I cringe when I see some vendor selling 8" x 54" tie-dye scarves that are pre stitched for 65.00 dollars.. they cost them about 4.00 each to make. While I don't begrudge them the money if they can get it....Where is the ART?

I've done a number of art shows this year that have been financial busts. The "ART FAIR" business has been growing in leaps and bounds. Everyone is on the bandwagon to produce an arts and crafts show. They have realized how many artist wannabes are out there trying to break into the business that are willing to fork out the application fees and the big bucks to the producers in order to set up and try to sell art. I admit, I've been one of them!

Some were major shows with hefty entrance fees (and long waiting lists) that tout incredible attendance and sales records per capita .... yet there were no people walking the aisles. They make their money off the booth fee's of the artist, supplemented by the entrance fee of patrons viewing. They don't care if we sell anything or not once we've signed on the dotted line! Every vendor around me said they sold nothing. Sugarloaf Festivals, zip! First Sunday Annapolis. zip! Reston Festival of the Harbor East Baltimore...? ZIP. And if I don't apply for a space next year because of terrible sales they don't really care; there is another fool waiting in the wings to have my space in the line up.

I am really learning my lessons though. I will not spend large entrance fees and booth fees any longer for festivals that aim at "Family entertainment". The last 3 fairs billed themselves as Fine Art and Craft shows. They were really street parties with no focus at all other then a "good time" for the community members. Every other booth along the way was beaded jewelry, intermixed with food vendors and fund raising groups , a few gyms selling member ships, imported buy sell toys and jewelry, and diet centers , window installers, plumbers, and even a couple of fortune tellers. Where do these things fit into Fine Art and Fine crafts? What is that "JURY fee" for? At the Harbor East show the artist tents were placed at the farthest end of the closed off streets, next to a huge generator. The generator was loud enough that it was hard to talk to clients. At Reston the Artists were closer to the band stand. The mixed quality group of performers was so loud visitors walked the streets with their fingers in their ears. No one could seem to do anything about it. Several calls to the producer got no response. The sound board operator said he was using the correct levels and that was that.

In my background training as a performing artist there is one simple rule passed on from generation to generation. "Never go on-stage with small children or animals." They will upstage you every time. At the fairs I've been doing, parents with no control of their toddlers, wheel SUV size baby carriages with dogs on leashes attached into merchandise while sipping their latte, or better yet the beer and wine allowed at these ART events ( read "street parties") Listening to the band and ignoring both the merchandise, and the fact that their dog is wrapping his leash around the leg of a table holding my entire life's merchandise on it.

Food, music and kids really do NOT lead to a conducive atmosphere for serious art buying. Or even good conscientious gift buying. LEAVE the kid's and the dogs at home.

Producers -Restrict animals. This is not a DOG WALK - it's an ART AND CRAFTS show. And if you really want to support the artists don't invite the bands to push their CD and play loudly enough that a conversation with someone interested in purchasing the art on sale is impossible. LIMIT food to one area and rope it off... chocolate and soda hand prints (not to mention coffee and beer stains) are hard to remove from art. If you are producing an event or supporting one as a patron. THINK about the real reason you are doing it! Patrons - Set aside just a few precious hours of your time. Leave the Blackberry and cell phone at home. Take a deep breath. Really look at the booths as you pass by. Take time to talk to the artists. Find out why they do what they do. Who are they? What is it about their art that attracts you? Talk. We won't bite and we love to share our stories.

Artists are entrepreneurs! We work for ourselves. We sacrifice a great deal to be able to create fine art and craft and to make a simple living doing it. Nothing give s me more joy than the look on some one's face when she/he discovers a piece of art that touches his/ her soul! We need a fighting chance to make a living at what we do. until next time create Beauty and fill the world with Love Wynn

Hand painted Silk Pillow 16" x 12" Silk Satin , Muslin, Poly-fill


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Upcoming shows and new items

Fire in the Sky

Hand-painted and quilted Silk Tapestry

60" x 45"


This weekend will find me and my silk art at First Sunday on West street in Annapolis.

Sunday August 3 ( how can it be august already????) From 12 noon until 5 pm.

I will be showing my new pillows hand painted silk pillows and light weight silk scarves, along with my 4" x 4" decorator blocks. Its a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon - with good art, a wonderful environment and good music.

Stop in and say hello.

And if you are going to be in Annapolis, stop by the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts and view my solo shows Transmutations- Painting as inspiration. There are 7 NEW Wall size silk tapestries created for this show, along with the oil/ oil pastel paintings that inspired them.

until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn

Friday, August 1, 2008

Spam blocked!

So here I am .. a working woman. AN ARTIST! Trying hard to use the blogger system and my computer to build my art business and make some kind of a living. And I get blocked because they think I am a blog spam. Why? Is it because I mention my own web page too much? Is it because there are links to other web sites on my page? Is it because they just don't like my kind of art? They don't give me any reason. They simply LOCK my page and say I can't publish it again ..... until "they" whoever they are, review it and say its OK..... its not like I send out 100 blogs a day - unlike many of the blogs I subscribe to do... I am often lucky to find time to send out ONE blog a day. WHAT IS IT?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home feelings!

Pillows (Set of 3 ) Ocean View
Hand- painted Silk
each 16" x 12"
$125.00/ Set or $45.00 each
I'm working hard this weekend to finish 10 large scale tapestries. (Ranging in sizes from diptych panels 65"x 24" each to 72" x 45")
The interesting thing is that they are really making miss home and family. Part of that I am sure is its the 4th of July, a time traditionally spent with family and friends in cook-outs and home visits. My roots are in the Blue ridge of Virginia. And of course most of my landscapes and home decor items are the Virginia Landscape. Today as I am painting, sewing, steaming, ironing and hand stitching, I put on a bluegrass station on the computer ( live 365) and I am enjoying hearing the music of my father's band that I grew up with, as well as the energy that this honky tonk style has to it that keeps me going! The music sings of life, love and liquor. And that has inspired me to some of my best painting to date. The pieces will be on display at a solo show entitled- Transmutation painting as inspiration. Tapestries and the paintings that inspired them. July 24 through September 12, 2008 At the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, in the MD Capitol city of Annapolis.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Works in progress...

Hand Painted Silk Pillow
16" x 12"
I am in the crazed place again. ( Blogging IS one way to avoid producing work! )
Next week I have to deliver 14 paintings for a SOLO show in Virginia on Tuesday at the Raytheon Building in Tysons Corner. I am one of the artists that takes part in the Arts Council of Farifax County's "Art in the Work Place". It is a wonderful program that uses the art of local artists in a county program to hang good work in public places. It gives the artists exposure and a few sales, and gets our names around in the Metro DC area. It is run by a real gentleman named John Dusenberry. He has a great eye for art, and more importantly recognizes artists as one of our country's great resources. I am lucky that he often will use my work in very prominent places in the area as part of their program. I appreciate his support and encouragement!
THEN on Thursday my partner and I have to deliver large paintings and 10 New Silk wall hangings for a SOLO SHOW as featured artist in the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis Maryland. The show is entitled transmutations and features large (65" x 45") silk wall hangings I have created hung with my original paintings that inspired them.
Needless to say I'm a bit crazed trying to finish the tapestries ( oh yes , they have not all been painted yet... unlike my usual efficient and well prepared self... !!!!!)
Have a happy fourth!
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catching up...

Hand-Painted Woven Silk Pillow
16" x 12"
Sorry it's been a while since I was able to blog. I have had several Fine Art and Craft shows back to back and the weather here has not been a help. I've had to restore and create new work that was messed up with sudden unexpected storms catching me outdoors at several events. But still I am working at what I love!
I am creating new wall hangings of hand-painted silk these days and also accent pillows. Both with my impressionist landscapes and also shear "Rothko" style color landscapes. I am having a ball and they are selling like hot cakes to designers.
Hand-painted Silk Pillow
16" X 12"
I'm having a slow time getting colors to my exact standards and specifications. One of the things I love so much about silk painting is that it teaches me on an hourly basis the need to give up control. In oil pastel and oil paintings I have a lot of control on a line, a color, how it is blend, what lies side by side. In the silk work I must relinquish that control and go broader, bigger and more intense, to let it find its own balance of line and form.
Here are a few pictures of some of the new work I am doing. Love to hear your comments!
Hand-Painted Silk Wall Hanging w/ pillow
muslin backing
60" x 45"
Pillow 16 x 12"
until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!

Appalachian Trail No. 14 7" x 5" Acrylic on Masonite $125.00 Today I am finishing 12 (yes, that is right - twelve...) new pillows for this weekend First Sunday at Annapolis Md.

I've already cooked appetizers and Dessert for a dinner party tomorrow we are having with my best friend Jane and her beau, and done the laundry.

I've cut, hemmed and dyed a hand-painted silk caftan for myself to wear. ( It's getting warm enough to do away with clothing!)

It's only 12 noon... WHAT am I going to do with the rest of the day?

Well, I have a little grocery shopping left to do. I've got to get these pillows finished (all I have left is the hand-stitched closings... ). Then my partner is planning on doing a series of photographs for the records ( and my portfolio, and the blogs) I've started a new series of Landscape paintings in my head for a solo show I have scheduled in Williamsburg VA next year. Now is a good time to begin to put somethings on paper for that.

I suppose after I've done all that it's OK to take a nap... Ah the luxurious life of the self employed! lol

Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love Wynn

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life as art....

Life is slowing down.. or at least it seems so.
My partner and I just had a lovely long weekend (Memorial Day) that was spent idly working on new silk paintings, making pillows and doing taxes.
To this we've come.
Oh there was passion and romance as well, and lots of good gourmet home cooked food involved. (I am a chef in one of my other lives) but it seems our lives are most enjoyable together when we are working on creating and making our business in art grow. We are lucky that we share ideas well and we both have strenghts to compliments the other's weaknesses. He keeps me focused and steady and gives me much needed feedback on quality, style, perception and perceived value. I remind him that life is about joy and play and thinking outside the box. (Oddly enough, I am the disciplinarian when it comes to getting things done. he is a yankee and delayed gratification / procratination can be the same thing. I'm a southern belle and instant gratification is never soon enough!)
This week I've been workng on a new series of hand-painted Silk decorator pillows, and wall hangings that serve as paintings/tapestries, or as throws on a chair or sofa.I'll have new pictures of them for you this weekend.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Landscapes to Wear

Landscapes to wear

I'm in that last minute race with the clock to create something new to sell at Sugarloaf. I suddenly had a brilliant idea but I don't have the energy or enough time (or supplies if they don't arrive UPS today!) Still, I think I have created something wonderful and I have 48 hours to produce enough to make an impression.

One thing I have learned is that rushing to create art or fine craft doesn't work. Ideas come often. Exploring and developing just one of them takes time... I'll breathe deeply and take my time! Back to the dye vats!

until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE!


Monday, April 21, 2008

New lines at work!

My partner is out of town on business and I am missing him A LOT! (Although it is allowing me to create and explore new ideas continuously for a while.)

I am working today on a new scarf idea based on my landscapes and color palette. I will have new pictures this week-end I think. I am very excited about the possibilities. Will tell you more after I copyright it. But think earth, sky, land ,air, water. What color combinations would YOU use?

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with love!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

For something totally different.

It's raining, we are having a wonderful spring thunderstorm. Today I am taking a mental health day and instead of painting I am making myself some new clothes to wear for Sugarloaf. Some Comfy casual pants and vests inspired by clothing from India. Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with love. Wynn

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inspirations come in the most unexpected places....

Nebula No. 2 11" x 14" Oil Pastel on Paper matted/framed $225.00 While I am working to get stuff ready for Sugarloaf I thought I'd post a painting different from what I usually do. A Client who recently bought a painting of mine e-mailed me to say her husband is a space buff. So I pulled out some paintings from a series I started last year including this one. the paintings were inspired by photos taken by the Hubble space telescope. I've entitled them "The Nebula Series." As I started looking through them I realized that I really need to return to this series and continue to develop it, but also incorporate these images in my hand-painted silk scarves and throws and pillows! Uh ohhhhhhhhhh more work.. more ideas.. more fun ! Until next time, Create Beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend already?

Silk Scarf No. 141 8" x 54" Imported silk and painted and steam set. $35.00 There is not enough time to get all I want and need to get done by next weekend! Oh well! The best laid plans of .... I still have another 200 cards to glue, tag, and put in envelopes, another 8 comforters to finish and sew, plus 50 scarves to paint and tag. I have 5 days I can do this! Until next time Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Studio Tour 2008


It may not seem like much... But if you realize I was doing all my work before in a room that was 1/4 the size of this you will understand why I am elated.

I actually have separate spaces to paint, assemble cards and art booklets, silk paint, dye and steam, AND sew. I also have storage space (the next tour) for the 200 some framed paintings I have here to move around for shows.

It IS like going to artist heaven! Financial success MUST be the next step! Wish me luck!

Until next time,

Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still working...

Appalachian Trail no. 20 7" x 5" Acrylic on Masonite Panel Float mounted, Matted, Framed $175.00

Monday, April 14, 2008

Display images Working on the display for the Sugarloaf shows this weekend and next. WHY didn't I order ready made table clothes and leave it at that? Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love Wynn

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the 7th day she rested.... NOT

Twilight Series No 87 7 x 5" Acrylic on Masonite $175.00 Today I am hitting the frame shop. I have to frame 12 new paintings (like the one shown here) to have enough inventory for Sugarloaf in Timonium, MD - April 25-27. I love painting small works that can fit in an out of the way place in your home. These works are 5" x 7" acrylic on Masonite panel, mounted floating then double matted and framed under Glass to a size of 11" x 14" At $175.000 each they are a steal. Off to the Frame shop! Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love! Wynn

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finally... I'm back at work!

Silk Scarf Sunset Motif hand-painted imported silk 8" x 54" $35.00 Finally I can find the tools of my trade, and I can get back to working on the things that make me sane and fill my heart with love. I painted a new throw cover yesterday, as well as two pillows, got all the silk put away and got the stretchers hung out on the patio work space I am blessed with now! Got the final tax forms finished and mailed (Cursed things). Today I get to cut and paste (by hand - not with photo shop) 400 greeting cards! The sun is playing hide and seek, and my beloved is locked in his office doing his taxes today. It's a great day to put on some music and work at the things I love. until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love Wynn

Friday, April 11, 2008

Field Day Oil Pastel 11' x 14" unframed $125.00 Not a lot to write today... just passionately trying to get the studio finished and get back to work. To Do: 12 comforters 24 pillows 98 Scarves 10 jackets assemble 400 cards finish display materials Pack and go... Amount of time left before my first big Sugarloaf show: 12 days.... talk to the goddess for me please! I've been requested by several people to post images of the studio when it is done. I'll take a short video clip so you can have the tour; see and hear me surround sound Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I can see clearly now....

Decorator Blocks No. 01-05 (Raspberry Dawn)
4' X 4" Acrylic on Canvas
$15.00 each or 3 or more $10.00 each.
I can almost see the floor of my studio now. That in itself is very exciting. Of course I have to have canvas drop cloths all over the floor to protect it from my rantings and ravings with paint. But still, I know it's there and there is space to turn around and to dream again!
Today I begin work on a new series of small "Decorator" blocks. These are a wonderful way to have a bit of original art work in a small space in your home. Each block is 4" x 4" and hand painted on stretched canvas blocks. They are painted in a limited edition of each color at a time. They are made to be interchangeable in the series, so you can have 2-4-6 blocks of one color to make a display. Or arrange them in a kaleidoscope of colors for a really impressive mixed colors large ensemble. They are infinitely affordable as gifts at $15.00 each, or if you buy 3 or more the price goes to $10.00 each - so make sure you get some for yourself as well!
My landscapes give me a sense of quiet solitude in a world that seems to get faster and more hectic every day. I hope they do the same for you! Until next time Create beauty and fill the world with love! Wynn

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Up and Running!

Appalachian Trail NO. 10
7" x 5" Acrylic
Float mounted, Matted and Framed
Well, I am halfway done setting up the Studio. I am very very excited to have so much room to work in and space for supplies, office and solitude all in one space!
Now it's time to really get in gear and produce a lot of work. I will have new silk throws and pillows available soon, as well as more printed cards of my work, 7"x 5" landscapes and 4"' x 4" decorator blocks.
Just a reminder, I will be at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Timonium MD (Timonium Fairgrounds) April 25- 27, and at Sugarloaf Festival in Chantilly (Dulles Expo Center) May 2-4. Come out and see the new work I have created and say hello!
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Believe it or not... its all been moved!

Appalachian Trail No. 24
7" x 5"
Acrylic on Masonite
Float Matted/Framed
So I FINALLY got my house and my studio moved. At least it is in a new location. Right now the studio is shoulder high with boxes and piles of things to be sorted out.
But as of last night the living room and library are unpacked and looking good, the master bedroom is looking gorgeous, and i can find the pots and pans and dishes in the kitchen. In about a week life should be back to normal. Meanwhile I have a Sugarloaf show to get ready.
Until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A La Greek
5' x 7" Acrylic on Masonite
Private Collection
Christos and Denise Papaloizou
Taverna Cretekou
This little landscape painting of a port in Greece was special gift for the owners of the Wonderful Greek Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria,and a divergence from my usual Virginia Landsapes.
Denise and her husband Christos have always been so warm and welcoming to us personally. And the food and atmosphere is so comfortable and cozyno wonder it is a favorite stops of locals and toursts a like. I an honored to count them as friends and clients.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anchors in the storm!

"Austin's Way"
24" x 18"
Oil on Paper
NFS / collection of the artist.
Since I am in the middle of moving right now, ( god will it ever be over!) there is no new work for me to share today. SO I thought I'd share one of my very favorite paintings today. This was actually one of the first paintings I felt proud about. It is from 2005. It is oil bar on paper.
I pride myself on not getting attached to my paintings. I enjoy creating them. I learn something from them. And then I let them go. Not so with this painting!
The image has long stuck with me... it is the back road around the mountain to my grandfather's house in Bedford, VA. It was one of those paths that you are sure was started as a cow path following the twists and turns of the existing landscape, then the tractors followed it, and then eventually a car could get through there.
The view of the mountains in the distance and the relatively pristine environment is so beautiful, so very peaceful. Out there, there is still not much traffic ( believe it or not.) There are not a lot of planes flying over. No real industry has grown up to pollute or to add man-made noise and dirt.
I miss being in the Blue Ridge Mountains very much. Especially on days like today when there is such up-heaval in my life (with moving, beginning a life with my partner/lover, and setting up a new studio and getting back to work.) At moments like these, a painting can anchor me, remind me of my roots, of the love and connection I have through nature, and help me remember I am part of the big picture. I am not just this stressed microcosm I feel myself to be today.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Passion, Color and Commissions!

"Sandra's Forest"
36" x 48" Oil on Canvas
Commissioned / Private Collection
I Can't help it ! I LOVE color! Whether it is in my landscapes, my silk art, or my sweet little garden - I need to be surrounded by intense color. The world is so full of bright and different colors.
I love to push the expected boundaries in color but often still using more traditional compositions.
This painting was commissioned by a woman that saw my work in a show where elections voting took place. She liked my use of color. She actually stopped by the opening of the show on her way to a previous commitment just to tell me so. We talked about my creating apiece for her beautiful town house in Alexandria. This was the finished product.
Many artists think doing commission work is hard because your really have to paint what the person commissioning the work envisions. In the case of this painting we were using a previous work as a starting point, but when Sandra first viewed the work in progress the colors were totally different from those she had envisioned in her living room. With a little more communication it was a snap to re-do the painting to her requirements. And I love being able to really please someone, and know they appreciate the time and the effort I take to create a work of art specifically for them.
Of course, I love having the freedom to paint whatever springs into my mind. Luckily there is call for these paintings of mine as well. But it is really nice to collaborate with a collector (who usually becomes and new friend) to create a one of a kind work for their home or office or as a gift to a loved one, that shows both they and I put time and energy into the creation of something totally unique.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE

Monday, March 31, 2008

Feels like home

"Old Barns"
11 x 14 Oil Pastel on Paper
Sometimes all it takes is the sense of a change in the air or an old tune playing, and an image pops into my mind.
This painting of large old barns at the edge of the plow field was triggered for me by an old fiddle tune I heard. Growing up in the Blue-Ridge Mountains of Virginia I was lucky to be surrounded by a lot of music making. There was no electricity and so no TV or radio. People sang and played instruments together most evenings and on the weekends as a way to entertain themselves. My father was one of those people who could pick up any instrument and teach himself to play it in no time at all. I recall him sitting out on the porch with a old fiddle he bought at a junk sale and teaching himself to play. In an hour or so I heard a melody I knew well coming from the porch. When that melody and memory came to me recently, this image of the barns came with it.
Until next time
Create beauty and fill the world with love.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where DOES the time go?

"And so it begins"
Oil Pastel on Paper
11" x 14"
unframed 125.00
I always mean to write something here everyday. It's not that I think my life is that wonderful or even that eventful, but it is one way I make contact with the outside world, and of course it helps people to fine me and know what I do, what I'm working on , what is available from the studio these days in my life. But I'll sign in to write and go..." Gosh! it's Friday and I haven't written since Tuesday. WHERE DID THE WEEK GO?"
This weekend I am having a massive yard sale to down size and get ready to complete the move into my new home and studio. I have tons of art books I need to "re-gift" (pass on to others who need them more than I) to learn from. I have paintings and silks that I think are good, but I 'm a firm believer that work that is not sold after 3 years is no longer viable for shows and galleries. (Other than a few street fairs etc.) I'd just as soon recoup my investment for materials by selling it almost at cost to get rid of things rather than have to move it all and then pay for storage. Plus I have furniture, extra dishes, years of art magazines, and a few knick knacks I need to dispose of... past life memories, etc.
The next most exciting thing about this weekend, my boy-friend (and my business partner, and the love of my life) is taking me to my first ever professional ball game! (Actually it's my first ever live ball game of any kind.) So I am really looking forward to the crowds the excitement, the noise and to sharing an evening with him in a world he enjoys. (He puts so very much time and energy and support into the art world I live in. It feels good to be able to share something in HIS world!) Who knows I might end up a fan and do a whole series of art on sports!
One month and counting until Sugarloaf... I NEED to get settled and get ready for this. I am so looking forward to it! I love meeting the people and sharing my work, and I like explaining how and what I do.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The fear of the "Jury" Process.....

I've been very lucky to make it into a lot of solo and group shows, and even a few galleries in my short career as an artist. Yes it is that time again! I've decided I'd really like to be in a small gallery. There is a wonderful co-op gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria that I want to be represented in. The Potomac Craftsmen Fiber Gallery.

The people I have met from there are all really very nice, and the quality of work is wonderful too. I've filled out the requisite paper work and got a call today that they can arrange for me to have 5 pieces to be juried in TOMORROW!
So, since I don't have the month I had hoped for between moving and getting settled in my new studio and jurying for the gallery to produce some super duper "world class" work, I am going to have to submit the pieces you see here. All in all, I think they are good pieces and representative of my work and the directions I am going.
Being the insecure perfectionist I am I wanted another month, week, hour, to wow them. But perhaps the fates know best. Since this is what I am doing now, let me be really judged by it, and learn from it.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!
PS. Wish me Luck!