Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another beautiful spring day... in February!

Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Assorted Landscapes

$35.00 - $75.00 Choice of Colors

It's February.

February 6 to be exact. Now I know there are many mixed feeling on "global warming", and I'm not getting into that argument. BUT! It is February in the North-East and it's 60 degrees outside and will be into the mid-70s today. I'm not complaining . Yesterday I was able to hang silk outside to paint and dry, and go for a 3 mile walk in a light jacket. I got a little work done and taught a few lessons. Read a book. Had time to do some writing, filled out a few applications for some markets and for come competition. Still had time to compile images for my greeting card series. Sang through the cabaret and worked on memory (God! What happened to my memory?) AND got 8 hours of sleep. (For a change!)

Today I have 2 lessons to teach. I have a silk jacket/ throw I am finishing up for the cabaret next week, and I have some hand painted cards to work on.

Life is good. It's SPRING!

Until next time

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