Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's SUPERBOWL weekend and....

Appalachian Trail No. 9 5" x 7" Acrylic on Masonite Panel Matted Framed 11" x 14" SOLD

It's Super-bowl Sunday. For many Americans that means that life stops for the afternoon/evening. It's an excuse for a party, or celebration of some sort, even if you don't care a fig about football. Partially I think that is because is in the perfect spot between Christmas and Easter that we need a little levity. Winter has not yet given us the idea that he is going to leave yet, and the sense of being trapped inside becomes overwhelming to many. Plus... how long can you really do the same thing every day - day in and day out -and not feel a little trapped, in need of a diversion.

I am spending this morning catching up on a few work things, of course. I am finishing the details for the student theatre production I mentioned. ( see the Collage and Poster my Partner and I created for this project.) Plus I am having to stretch a ton of silk for silk painting this week and it is a slow and tedious process (I think I may take silk and stretchers with me to my Boyfriend's where I am having dinner and watching the game with him... A first for us after almost 3 years together.. lol ).

I have to photograph, edit, and and file a large number of new works already for 2008. I started yet another new filing system this year to keep track of my work, every piece gets a digital photo (thanks to BF), a detail form in the paper file, and a spread sheet entry including commitment to shows and display locations as well as sales, etc.

I beat myself up often. I don't think I ever get enough done. My first year as a professional painter my personal goal was to complete 10 paintings a month - simply to improve my skills. To my amazement by the end of that first year I had completed and framed some 247 painting - many that went on to be in competitions, gallery, group, and solo shows, and even to take a few first places and other awards.

With that kind of beginning I expected that I would keep up that kind of production. What I didn't count on was my trying to balance life with that... little things like making a living. Painting and winning acclaim for 247 paintings is wonderful, but unless I SELL a number of them I don't pay for creating them, much less my rent, marketing, medical bills, etc. The time to market and to show them takes away from just producing. Plus I started to explore other venues to make a living.

I realized that in 2007 I painted a grand total of ONLY 14 NEW paintings that I considered Quality Fine Art Paintings. In spite of the fact that I have sold 7 of those paintings, I was really beating myself up for not meeting my own standards.... until my partner pointed out that in that time period I had also painted 300+ HAND-PAINTED 5x7" HOLIDAY and GREETING CARDS. Not to mention 150+ 4" x 4" stretched canvas DESIGNER BLOCKS, and 200 pieces of silk HAND-PAINTED WEARABLE ART pieces. That with also teaching 12-17 hours of private lessons a week , and doing weekend retail markets. Maybe I can improve on that in 2008....

As I reflect... perhaps I deserve time to have a beer with my partner and watch the game.... anyone know who is playing?

Until next time

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