Saturday, March 15, 2008

Appalachian Trail No. 26

Acrylic on Canvas 7" x 5"

Matted Framed under Glass 14" x 11"


I sometimes wonder that I don't get enough done. This month I have been concentrating so much on the new silk work for Sugarloaf, that I felt I had not paid attention to my Fine Art landscapes. But then when my partner was photographing my recent work for my files. I realized that I have painted 125 new small works and framed them this month so I guess I'm doing OK.

I am not sure why I prefer working in small and medium sizes. Since my favorite focus of painting is skies and the vastness of them you' think I'd want to paint 28' canvases. Perhaps I love the challenge of giving an intimate glimpse of the grandeur of the world. In some ways I think it give me the perspective of what the world must look like to a higher being looking down. I mean the mountain ranges near home-town that I love so much must seem like foot-hills to that kind of being... and so I love taking on that perspective.

When I feel frazzled I just have to take the time to paint a small landscape of home, and I am back in myself and ready to live life again! Thank goodness for perspective , Eh?

Until next time

Create Beauty and fill the world with love!