Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The fear of the "Jury" Process.....

I've been very lucky to make it into a lot of solo and group shows, and even a few galleries in my short career as an artist. Yes it is that time again! I've decided I'd really like to be in a small gallery. There is a wonderful co-op gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria that I want to be represented in. The Potomac Craftsmen Fiber Gallery.

The people I have met from there are all really very nice, and the quality of work is wonderful too. I've filled out the requisite paper work and got a call today that they can arrange for me to have 5 pieces to be juried in TOMORROW!
So, since I don't have the month I had hoped for between moving and getting settled in my new studio and jurying for the gallery to produce some super duper "world class" work, I am going to have to submit the pieces you see here. All in all, I think they are good pieces and representative of my work and the directions I am going.
Being the insecure perfectionist I am I wanted another month, week, hour, to wow them. But perhaps the fates know best. Since this is what I am doing now, let me be really judged by it, and learn from it.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!
PS. Wish me Luck!