Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New gift item 2008

Designer Neck Ties - $35.00 each

Assorted colors with abstracted landscapes.

It seems every day I work on something new. Some people may think of that as being a little flighty, but for me it is the only way to keep my creative juices flowing and to create the number of lines I need in my business to have a variety to sell.

Recently I have been working on a wide assortment of silk items. Silk/Fleece Comforters, neck ties, scarves, jackets, blouses, decorative table runners, pillows. The sensuousness of silk and satin just demands to be used for home decor and personal wear. In this time of rush and hurry and transient living, we want something that anchors us and says we deserve to be pampered a little.

That is my job. Pamper you!

Until next time!

Create Beauty and fill the world with love...