Friday, March 14, 2008

Silk/ Fleece Quilted Comforter

100% Imported fine silk, Hand-Painted/ Hand- Quilted 45" x 60"


Perhaps it is because today finally seemed so much like Spring, I am celebrating this painting of a fall scene reflected in the lake. FAll really is my favorite time of year, but the joy of new growth bursting forth, its colors blazing, and the sounds of new life, do make me so very happy to be alive.

These comforters/throws are so sensuous and comfortable that I love to curl up and read in one all afternoon. A cup of hot chocolate and a good book and the soft warmth of the fleece lining wrapped around me and I am in heaven!

Get yours soon! Each painted to order, each one is one of a kind and very unique. If you have a favorite landscape image send me a picture to work from.

Until next time

Create beauty and fill the world with love!