Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finally... I'm back at work!

Silk Scarf Sunset Motif hand-painted imported silk 8" x 54" $35.00 Finally I can find the tools of my trade, and I can get back to working on the things that make me sane and fill my heart with love. I painted a new throw cover yesterday, as well as two pillows, got all the silk put away and got the stretchers hung out on the patio work space I am blessed with now! Got the final tax forms finished and mailed (Cursed things). Today I get to cut and paste (by hand - not with photo shop) 400 greeting cards! The sun is playing hide and seek, and my beloved is locked in his office doing his taxes today. It's a great day to put on some music and work at the things I love. until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love Wynn