Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life as art....

Life is slowing down.. or at least it seems so.
My partner and I just had a lovely long weekend (Memorial Day) that was spent idly working on new silk paintings, making pillows and doing taxes.
To this we've come.
Oh there was passion and romance as well, and lots of good gourmet home cooked food involved. (I am a chef in one of my other lives) but it seems our lives are most enjoyable together when we are working on creating and making our business in art grow. We are lucky that we share ideas well and we both have strenghts to compliments the other's weaknesses. He keeps me focused and steady and gives me much needed feedback on quality, style, perception and perceived value. I remind him that life is about joy and play and thinking outside the box. (Oddly enough, I am the disciplinarian when it comes to getting things done. he is a yankee and delayed gratification / procratination can be the same thing. I'm a southern belle and instant gratification is never soon enough!)
This week I've been workng on a new series of hand-painted Silk decorator pillows, and wall hangings that serve as paintings/tapestries, or as throws on a chair or sofa.I'll have new pictures of them for you this weekend.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!