Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home feelings!

Pillows (Set of 3 ) Ocean View
Hand- painted Silk
each 16" x 12"
$125.00/ Set or $45.00 each
I'm working hard this weekend to finish 10 large scale tapestries. (Ranging in sizes from diptych panels 65"x 24" each to 72" x 45")
The interesting thing is that they are really making miss home and family. Part of that I am sure is its the 4th of July, a time traditionally spent with family and friends in cook-outs and home visits. My roots are in the Blue ridge of Virginia. And of course most of my landscapes and home decor items are the Virginia Landscape. Today as I am painting, sewing, steaming, ironing and hand stitching, I put on a bluegrass station on the computer ( live 365) and I am enjoying hearing the music of my father's band that I grew up with, as well as the energy that this honky tonk style has to it that keeps me going! The music sings of life, love and liquor. And that has inspired me to some of my best painting to date. The pieces will be on display at a solo show entitled- Transmutation painting as inspiration. Tapestries and the paintings that inspired them. July 24 through September 12, 2008 At the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, in the MD Capitol city of Annapolis.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love