Monday, August 18, 2008

Landscape passions... why art makes my heart sing.

I don't know of any logical reason for the way the landscape touches my soul. I only know that without my hands in dirt from time to time, and without the time and ability to recreate the feelings I have about the landscapes around me, I would be a poorer person.
My landscapes have always been about color. From the very beginning I was influenced by Wolf Kahn though my foster mom and mentor Ann Aves Martin. Color takes priority over everything for me. But color (including value in that of course), gives everything its shape and its meaning for me. The painting "Blue Ridge Sunrise" is exceedingly simple in in format. Bands of color against each other form a sense of depth and distance, and geography.
Blue ridge Sunrise
oil pastel
18" x 24"
Take that same format, color and add to it the incredible intensity of color on silk and the wall hanging "Sunrise" sings of the land waking up and enjoying " il baccio di primavera" the first kiss of spring.
Hand painted Silk/ muslin
45" x 60"
The painting "Simply Fall" is again simple bands of color with little detail. But the riot of color instantly brings to mind the rush of Virginia mountains as the colors splash themselves in a mad race to winter.
Simply Fall
Oil Pastel on Paper
11" x 14"
As I explore silk painting, I love being able to dive into such rich colors and still create something that is "functional " art. An heirloom to pass down to family members years to come.
In this pillow I've explored water and reflection, in an impressionist style. The grove of tress at the top leave dappled shadows down the bank that play in the moving waters. Hints of summer grass at the bottom give motion and contrast.
Pillow #59a
12" x 16"
Hand-painted/ Hand-Crafted Silk & Muslin
So often I return to the extreme simplicity of color to give only a hint of landscape, as in the next pillow and painting, but still in my heart I feel nature's call to leave to the imagination the mists, the heat, of the summers day, the quiet still of the sultry afternoon.
Pillow 61a
16 x 20"
Hand-painted/ Hand-Crafted Silk
Even the woven silk pillows I am creating have painted strips of landscape in them. I enjoy the surprise on peoples faces when they see them interspersed with the solids and shibori silks.
Woven Pillow
20" x 20"
Hand-Painted Silk / Satin Backing
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love