Friday, March 28, 2008

Where DOES the time go?

"And so it begins"
Oil Pastel on Paper
11" x 14"
unframed 125.00
I always mean to write something here everyday. It's not that I think my life is that wonderful or even that eventful, but it is one way I make contact with the outside world, and of course it helps people to fine me and know what I do, what I'm working on , what is available from the studio these days in my life. But I'll sign in to write and go..." Gosh! it's Friday and I haven't written since Tuesday. WHERE DID THE WEEK GO?"
This weekend I am having a massive yard sale to down size and get ready to complete the move into my new home and studio. I have tons of art books I need to "re-gift" (pass on to others who need them more than I) to learn from. I have paintings and silks that I think are good, but I 'm a firm believer that work that is not sold after 3 years is no longer viable for shows and galleries. (Other than a few street fairs etc.) I'd just as soon recoup my investment for materials by selling it almost at cost to get rid of things rather than have to move it all and then pay for storage. Plus I have furniture, extra dishes, years of art magazines, and a few knick knacks I need to dispose of... past life memories, etc.
The next most exciting thing about this weekend, my boy-friend (and my business partner, and the love of my life) is taking me to my first ever professional ball game! (Actually it's my first ever live ball game of any kind.) So I am really looking forward to the crowds the excitement, the noise and to sharing an evening with him in a world he enjoys. (He puts so very much time and energy and support into the art world I live in. It feels good to be able to share something in HIS world!) Who knows I might end up a fan and do a whole series of art on sports!
One month and counting until Sugarloaf... I NEED to get settled and get ready for this. I am so looking forward to it! I love meeting the people and sharing my work, and I like explaining how and what I do.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!