Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Passion, Color and Commissions!

"Sandra's Forest"
36" x 48" Oil on Canvas
Commissioned / Private Collection
I Can't help it ! I LOVE color! Whether it is in my landscapes, my silk art, or my sweet little garden - I need to be surrounded by intense color. The world is so full of bright and different colors.
I love to push the expected boundaries in color but often still using more traditional compositions.
This painting was commissioned by a woman that saw my work in a show where elections voting took place. She liked my use of color. She actually stopped by the opening of the show on her way to a previous commitment just to tell me so. We talked about my creating apiece for her beautiful town house in Alexandria. This was the finished product.
Many artists think doing commission work is hard because your really have to paint what the person commissioning the work envisions. In the case of this painting we were using a previous work as a starting point, but when Sandra first viewed the work in progress the colors were totally different from those she had envisioned in her living room. With a little more communication it was a snap to re-do the painting to her requirements. And I love being able to really please someone, and know they appreciate the time and the effort I take to create a work of art specifically for them.
Of course, I love having the freedom to paint whatever springs into my mind. Luckily there is call for these paintings of mine as well. But it is really nice to collaborate with a collector (who usually becomes and new friend) to create a one of a kind work for their home or office or as a gift to a loved one, that shows both they and I put time and energy into the creation of something totally unique.
Until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with LOVE