Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Fun Part of Making Choices....

One of the first things you learn when you approach building a character is that in order to make her/him real on the stage or on the camera you have to make specific choices.
These often include knowing her background, deciding the kind of person she has become, why she is doing what she does, the language that she expresses herself with, etc. The in the action of the play , there are more choices. Is she aggressive? Is she maternal? Is she caring? the biggest question / choice/ motive / of them all is "What does she Want???"
Funny how much life is like that. I am convinces that if we really take the time to examine for ourselves that basic question - we will have all the tools we need to have a happy and successful life! Whenever we stop and concentrate on exactly what it is we want and open ourselves to having it - the universe provides it for us. Maybe not always in the way that we envisioned it. But being open is the key. Of course, that too is a choice!
For the new year, I decided that I really WANTED to go back on stage. I made it a statement, and shared it with my friends and the universe. Then I set in motion the actions of behaving as if it were already happening. I got new head-shots, I put together a resume, I learned new monologues, and I began to search for auditions for roles that I thought would be right for me at this age and time in my life. And the universe began to reward my hard work and commitment. I've already landed and performed two roles in the DC theatre scene. I've been called and asked to audition for a few other roles because of word of mouth.
I have made a choice to work hard at my skills as both an actress, AND and artist. I still need to express myself in visual art as well as on the stage. So now I have a show to rehearse, and two auditions to prepare for. I have a Silk Trunk Show in Bethesda MD to prepare for by March 14 ( more on that later.) I have a solo painting exhibition in Williamsburg, VA to get ready by May 5, 2009.
Life is good. It is precious. And it is full of choice!
until next time
Create Beauty and fill the world with Love!