Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayers and Meditations!

Theatre, art, and life!
Oil on Canvas
28' x 22"
So its Friday already! Another month has flown by. I've painted a number of new paintings for my new solos show in Williamsburg, Virginia - schedule May 5 - June 5, 2009 at This Century Gallery. I'm very excited about the new works I am doing. Ia m returning to my earlier experiments with color field and with the influences of Kahn and Rothko on landscape paintings. New images to follow.
Oil on Canvas
28" x 22"
$ 495.00
On a different front. I have an audition Monday for a theatre that I dearly love and would give almost anything to work at as a company member! - Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA. This company has grown in 20 years from a group of dedicated artists to a world class theatre that specializes in supporting and creating new musicals, and up and coming composers and playwrights. Guided by the Brilliant Eric Schaeffer who - is known for his direction of Sondheim Musicals around the world, and his gift for inspiring incredible committed acting on his stages - they create some of the very best theatre in the Washington, DC, area.
I am petrified! This is what I trained my entire early life for. It is what I what makes my life worthwhile. At my age and in this area there are very few opportunities for musical theatre performing at the caliber that I strive for. I'm not a diva. I don't have the need to be a star nor the ego to pull it off. But I would love to again be part of an ensemble of players to whom theatre is the purpose of life. It could only make my painting better.; My marriage happier, my life complete for the remaining years I have! ( and there are many I am sure!)
This Monday, March 30 at 3:05 pm I hope everyone will take second to think on me, to visualize me on that stage singing my heart out, creating a wonderful, vibrant, fully realized character that shows to the producers that I would be a very valuable member of their ensemble! I would be grateful for all your prayers, meditations and well wishes.
Create Beauty and fill the world with love!